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Tuareg 2016 TT/XT/Tenere Team

How about we put a team of XTs, TTs & Teneres together for the Tuareg Rallye 2016, in March, Morocco?

Many of my XT/TT/Ten’  600/660 customers over the years have expressed an interest in taking part in the Tuareg Rally.

*Come on chaps, lets have some TT600s on the rally*

*6.5.14 I’ve had much interest about this so I might have to restrict entries to 4-valve aircooled bikes*34L 06
This means we’ll have a team of very similar bikes as regards to spares and know-how needed. This will enable me to offer a discounted transport/assistance price.
Please let me know if you are interested as space will be limited to 12 bikes in my Kriega truck.

I’ve wanted to do this for a long while…so please enourage me!