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S.C.A.M.P L-wAm XT225

L-wAm 03

Small Capacity Adventure Motorcycling Pioneers

…and for the man who thinks 95mpg is not enough…

Light-weight Adventure motorcycle

Particularly TW125/200/225 and the XT225 Serow.

L-wAm-01 is my TW200, L-wAm-02 is my Serow, L-wAm-03 is Rupert Shaw’s Serow, L-wAm 04 is Mark Held’s Serow and just completed for her 2013/2014 Pan-America-Australia trip is Loretta Vince’s (Austin Vince’s sister) Serow, L-wAm 05.

02 is Lois Pryce’s www.loisontheloose.com old Serow, rebuilt with lightweight wheels, Acerbis fuel tank, rear IMS water tank, kick-start-only 230cc 6-speed engine, shortened gel-filled seat, ultra-light front and rear racks, screen and rear guard, and built-in GPS and compressor.

I’m currently fitting some decent YZ125 forks & caliper to my 02 & Rupert’s 03 – which will only increase the weight by 0.3 Kilo.
It weighs less than 110kilos and returns more than 100mpg. That’s nearly 500 miles on a tank!

**L-wAm 02 gave 119mpg on my recent ride to 2013 PyreKnees-Up**

So if you have seen the light and adventured, explored and sipped fuel on sub 250cc bikes, I invite you to get in touch with insight and images.