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Keep it light! De-Clutter your wagon…
*The secret to fun off-road travel is lightness*
**Before you bolt things on, take some off**
If you’re travelling by truck, equip for a car.
If you’re travelling by car, equip for a motorcycle.
If you’re travelling by motorcycle, equip for a bicycle.
If you’re travelling by bicycle, equip for Shank’s Pony.

Departing on your first trip, you’ll dismiss the above words.
By day five, or sooner, you’ll understand.

Keep Buggering On!
When the dunes have dragged you down for the umpteenth time and it seems the sun is focussing an unfair proportion of its rays on you…
As Churchill said “K.B.O”

If you don’t have an M, then BAFM [BA = Buy a]
And while you’re at it, a parts catalogue would also save both you and I a considerable amount of time.

Horizontally opposed engines are for aeroplanes, helicopters and cars.
“Hey, follow me on my Serow through this narrow gap in those rocks…oh no you can’t, can you, because you’ve got a truly ridiculous engine…”