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Leyland Daf T244 4×4

30% overderive gearbox kits coming soon!

Anyone who owns one of these will know that they are terribly undergeared.

The most economical engine speed for the Cummins 6BT is 1700rpm…but at that speed you’re only moving at about 45mph!

56mph and you’re seriously over-revving the engine.

Alternative ‘high’ ratios are not available for the Getrag transfer ‘box. Lower crownwheel and pinion ratios (giving higher gearing) ARE available, but at £1200 for each end, this is uneconomical. Expensive 14.00×20 tyres could be fitted, but won’t get you the 30% you need.

The solution: Find an old ZF S5-42 and fit it with one of my modified clutch, propshaft yoke and linkage kits. Hey-Presto 58mph!!