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Tuareg Rally ’07 – Hancock & Sugden on their XT600E 4PT rally bikes.

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I specialise in Engine Repair/Rebuild, Complete Restoration and Overland Expedition & Rally preparation of the fabulously long-lived and globally accomplished Yamaha TT & XT – Mainly the 1983 to current-day 600 & 660 TT, XT, XTZ & Tenere models, but also the more compact, but no less brilliant, TT/XT225 Serow and TW200/225.

Many decades ago I was about to buy an FZR400. My French girlfriend told me she prefered enduro bikes (as the French seem to) and as a result of Venhill having sent me the wrong brake hose for my TZR250 – the longest hose I’d ever seen, for a bike I’d never heard of, a TT600 – I thought “well…why don’t I buy the bike to go with the hose” – so I did. No one knew what it was and no one could supply parts for it so I thought I should step in and offer this service. My first ad’ went into TBM at a grand cost of £16.44 and off I went…I stopped building race engines for Yamaha TZRs and fell in love with 4-valve singles.

Many years later in 1999, Andy Winterbourne asked me to build a TTR600 rally bike for the Optic 2000 Tunisian Rally. He did well and many more rally bikes were built.

Giles Southcott then asked me if I’d build him a bike AND support him on the 2002 Elchott Tunisian Rally. So Tim Gorringe and I set off in my overloaded ex UN ambulance Land Rover to race in, and support on, the rally. We came last in our class, but as there were only two other vehicles in that class that finished, we also came third!! On the ferry back to Genoa I met Rainer Autenrieth, the owner of the Tuareg Rallye, who asked me if I’d like to represent his rally in the UK – 2013 will be my 11th year providing assistance on this fabulous event. www.tuareg-rallye.com

**I buy ALL TT600/XT600/Tenere/XT600E parts from anywhere in the World, so have a dig-about in your shed and tell me what you’ve got! – 34K 34L 36A 39E 39F 43F 47N 49H 49L 49M 49N 49R 50T 50U 53R 55U 55W 59X 1EN 1VJ 1VK 1VL 1WN 2AG 2KF 2JT 2NF 2RW 2RX 2TY Brazil 2VG 2WJ 2WK 3AJ 3DS 3DT 3EW 3PX 3SW 3TB 3UW 3UX 3UY 3WR 3WS 3YP 4AE 4DW 4GV 4ME 4MF 4MW 4PT 4SK 4SL 4SM 5CH DJ02**