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*NEW* XT600Z Tenere

Blue XT600Z 55W – Original Yamaha promo photo.

I am very close to being able to build my first (and certainly last) NEW XT600 Tenere.

It has taken me 10 years plus to find all the brand new parts needed to do this. My aim was 95% new parts…and I’m pretty much there!

It will be a Light Blue 34L/55W kickstart 83-85 XT600Z Tenere. ALL engine/gearbox/clutch/carburetor internals will be uprated new parts to my full Overland spec. All engine outer surfaces will be finished and painted with original-looking hard-wearing heat resistant paint. All bodywork will be new, the tank will be re-finished with the correct stickers. Wheel hubs, spacers, bearings, spokes and rims will be new. Front brake disc, caliper, hose and master cylinder will be new. Fork stanchions and internals will be new (43mm TT600 forks could be fitted as an option). Rear damper and spring will be a top quality adjustable Wilbers unit. Spindles will be new. All bushes, bearings and seals in the suspension links will be new. The swingarm will be re-anodised (TT600 swingarm optional), the frame powder coated. The headlamp & bracket, indicators, speedo, tacho, mirrors, bars, bar levers & brackets, ignition switch, bar switches and cables will be new. The ignition coil, CDI unit, stator, regulator/rectifier, battery, flasher and loom will be new. Exhaust downpipes and silencer will be original and new (Stainless is an option). The seat will be new…I could go on!

So…If a 95% NEW, 30 year old Tenere interests you, please get in touch with me and we can talk about the build. It will be built for you and tailored for the buyer only after discussions regarding specifications and options have been agreed.

It won’t be cheap!


XT engine   

Tuareg Rally ’07 – Hancock & Sugden on their XT600E 4PT rally bikes.

Need an XT or TT seatcover? See my Ebay shop:

I specialise in Engine Repair/Rebuild, Complete Restoration and Overland Expedition & Rally preparation of the fabulously long-lived and globally accomplished Yamaha TT & XT – Mainly the 1983 to current-day 600 & 660 TT, XT, XTZ & Tenere models, but also the more compact, but no less brilliant, TT/XT225 Serow and TW200/225.

Many decades ago I was about to buy an FZR400. My French girlfriend told me she prefered enduro bikes (as the French seem to) and as a result of Venhill having sent me the wrong brake hose for my TZR250 – the longest hose I’d ever seen, for a bike I’d never heard of, a TT600 – I thought “well…why don’t I buy the bike to go with the hose” – so I did. No one knew what it was and no one could supply parts for it so I thought I should step in and offer this service. My first ad’ went into TBM at a grand cost of £16.44 and off I went…I stopped building race engines for Yamaha TZRs and fell in love with 4-valve singles.

Many years later in 1999, Andy Winterbourne asked me to build a TTR600 rally bike for the Optic 2000 Tunisian Rally. He did well and many more rally bikes were built.

Giles Southcott then asked me if I’d build him a bike AND support him on the 2002 Elchott Tunisian Rally. So Tim Gorringe and I set off in my overloaded ex UN ambulance Land Rover to race in, and support on, the rally. We came last in our class, but as there were only two other vehicles in that class that finished, we also came third!! On the ferry back to Genoa I met Rainer Autenrieth, the owner of the Tuareg Rallye, who asked me if I’d like to represent his rally in the UK – 2013 will be my 11th year providing assistance on this fabulous event. www.tuareg-rallye.com

**I buy ALL TT600/XT600/Tenere/XT600E parts from anywhere in the World, so have a dig-about in your shed and tell me what you’ve got! – 34K 34L 36A 39E 39F 43F 47N 49H 49L 49M 49N 49R 50T 50U 53R 55U 55W 59X 1EN 1VJ 1VK 1VL 1WN 2AG 2KF 2JT 2NF 2RW 2RX 2TY Brazil 2VG 2WJ 2WK 3AJ 3DS 3DT 3EW 3PX 3SW 3TB 3UW 3UX 3UY 3WR 3WS 3YP 4AE 4DW 4GV 4ME 4MF 4MW 4PT 4SK 4SL 4SM 5CH DJ02**

S.C.A.M.P L-wAm XT225

L-wAm 03

Small Capacity Adventure Motorcycling Pioneers

…and for the man who thinks 95mpg is not enough…

Light-weight Adventure motorcycle

Particularly TW125/200/225 and the XT225 Serow.

L-wAm-01 is my TW200, L-wAm-02 is my Serow, L-wAm-03 is Rupert Shaw’s Serow, L-wAm 04 is Mark Held’s Serow and just completed for her 2013/2014 Pan-America-Australia trip is Loretta Vince’s (Austin Vince’s sister) Serow, L-wAm 05.

02 is Lois Pryce’s www.loisontheloose.com old Serow, rebuilt with lightweight wheels, Acerbis fuel tank, rear IMS water tank, kick-start-only 230cc 6-speed engine, shortened gel-filled seat, ultra-light front and rear racks, screen and rear guard, and built-in GPS and compressor.

I’m currently fitting some decent YZ125 forks & caliper to my 02 & Rupert’s 03 – which will only increase the weight by 0.3 Kilo.
It weighs less than 110kilos and returns more than 100mpg. That’s nearly 500 miles on a tank!

**L-wAm 02 gave 119mpg on my recent ride to 2013 PyreKnees-Up**

So if you have seen the light and adventured, explored and sipped fuel on sub 250cc bikes, I invite you to get in touch with insight and images.

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  • Tuareg Rally & Gang
  • Free B&B/Camping!
  • O’land kit

Reg & Dave with Stuart’s Nissan – Tuareg ’11
Dave filling up in Erfoud on Tuareg ’11
Reg in his office/bedroom en route to Tuareg ’11


Jesse & Adam in the Tuareg ’09 flood – Hotel Tuareg

See my Home page for details.

My fantastic rally crew in photos.

7-14 March 2015 will be our 13th year on the Tuareg Rallye.

The rally will be back in Morocco after two years in Tunisia.

Over the years we’ve supported everyone from complete beginners who have never ridden off-road before to rally experts practising for the Dakar – So, yes!…you can do the Tuareg Rallye, whatever your skill.

We’ve had WR250s to R100GS BMWs.
We’ve had Suzuki SJs to H1 Hummers!

Our assistance vehicles include:
Yamaha TT600
2 x Yamaha Pro-Hauler Quads
Renault Kangoo 4×4
Ford Transit
Landrover Defender 130
Leyland-Daf T244 4×4 7.5t truck

For more details, ask for my Tuareg Info Pack.


Touring through Lincolnshire?

On your way South or North?

Need your bike looked at?

Turn up on any model of XT or TT and you’re very welcome to stay in my little B&B annexe for free…you might have to make you own breakfast though!

Own private entrance, secure indoor bike parking, double bed, shower/washroom/toilet, kitchenette.

Or if you prefer or if there are more than two of you, you can pitch a tent in my garden.

Located between Boston and Skegness.

What tools & equipment should you take on an overland trip?

We all take far too much clobber on our first few trips. I have been refining and revising a couple of lists for 20 years now. Tools. Spares.

The first thing I suggest you do is get on Ebay and buy a couple of ‘CK Magma MA2718′ tool rolls. It has taken me years to find these and they’re a work of art! At last a decent size tool roll. 31 pockets and 2 decent straps to hold it all rolled tight. Tool boxes are useless on a bike; everything constantly jangles about and gets rubbed together, wrecking everything. Tool rolls protect everything in a nice compact lump.
CK Magma MA2718

Next, do all your prep’ and servicing during the 6 months before you depart on your trip using only the tools you plan to take; that way you’ll find out what you do and don’t need. Do you need that 11mm/15mm/16mm spanner/socket? Why are you taking Pozidrive screwdrivers, shouldn’t they be Phillips? Is there one spanner that will suit both wheel spindles? Why take 30 feeler gauges when you only need 2? Have you tried your spoke spanner? Do you need those long socket extensions? Have you done the right thing and ditched your original OE tool kit? Have you learned how to use a cheap £5, but perfectly adequate, Ebay multimeter? Do you know that if a 12v lead-acid battery reads 12v it is almost flat? Out of interest, 12.8v = fully charged.

More soon…Lists soon…Photos soon.