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There’s always something for sale here, I know you want it, you do, so I’ve got an eBay shop for you to lurk about in, But I’m also setting up my new online shop right here too. There are a few reasons for doing this including saving some of the fees associated with ebay listings, you’ll still be able to purchase with a credit or debit card securely through PayPal or just use your existing PayPal account.

You will start to see my lovely items turning up here and this ebay list will disappear:

Need an XT seatcover? See my Ebay shop:

I tend to use the eBay shop for my XT & XL seatcovers and Acerbis bits ‘n’ pieces. If there’s something else you think I should put in there, please let me know.
There is a form on the contact page for just such an opportunity.