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*NEW* XT600Z Tenere

Blue XT600Z 55W – Original Yamaha promo photo.

I am very close to being able to build my first (and certainly last) NEW XT600 Tenere.

It has taken me 10 years plus to find all the brand new parts needed to do this. My aim was 95% new parts…and I’m pretty much there!

It will be a Light Blue 34L/55W kickstart 83-85 XT600Z Tenere. ALL engine/gearbox/clutch/carburetor internals will be uprated new parts to my full Overland spec. All engine outer surfaces will be finished and painted with original-looking hard-wearing heat resistant paint. All bodywork will be new, the tank will be re-finished with the correct stickers. Wheel hubs, spacers, bearings, spokes and rims will be new. Front brake disc, caliper, hose and master cylinder will be new. Fork stanchions and internals will be new (43mm TT600 forks could be fitted as an option). Rear damper and spring will be a top quality adjustable Wilbers unit. Spindles will be new. All bushes, bearings and seals in the suspension links will be new. The swingarm will be re-anodised (TT600 swingarm optional), the frame powder coated. The headlamp & bracket, indicators, speedo, tacho, mirrors, bars, bar levers & brackets, ignition switch, bar switches and cables will be new. The ignition coil, CDI unit, stator, regulator/rectifier, battery, flasher and loom will be new. Exhaust downpipes and silencer will be original and new (Stainless is an option). The seat will be new…I could go on!

So…If a 95% NEW, 30 year old Tenere interests you, please get in touch with me and we can talk about the build. It will be built for you and tailored for the buyer only after discussions regarding specifications and options have been agreed.

It won’t be cheap!